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One of the more interest outcomes of the 5-21-2011 watch  is what the naysayers are saying.  Ordinarily, a lot of Americans view opinions, even outrageous opinions in the same as they view belly buttons.  Everyone has one.  No big deal.

But suddenly when it comes to believers in the Rapture spending their own money publicizing their beliefs, there is a great deal of outrage both over the amount of money being spent and the message being sent.

There was a great deal less outrage when Kate and William spent $34 million on a royal wedding.

On the other hand, when one hears about an unemployed woman spending her last dime on billboards proclaiming the end times it does seem sad.  Well, it’s probably better than having her spend her last dime on lottery tickets…maybe….

I guess I can only object about the absurd delusions of others when they expect me to pay for them.

There is a reason why your grandmother told you not to discuss politics or religion in polite company.   Many have a hard time being polite about being wrong! :-)   ;-) 8).    :-}  ;-}



Judgment Day: Atheists Gone to the Dogs.

Harold Egbert Camping, a self-styled Biblical prophet has predicted the end of days…Again.  This time it’s on 21 May 2011.

Some atheists are cashing in on the Christian belief that when Christ comes again,  true believers will be snatched up into the air in an event known as the rapture.  No dog or cat, no matter how good a pet it was,  will go with their master.  So atheists have offered to watch the pets should the Christians go floating away–for a fee…

It is said that 3% of the world will be raptured so that uncomfortable moment when that tractor-trailer truck barreling down on you suddenly becomes unmanned and goes out of control will be like as not be rare enough not to give it much thought.    I would imagine that for those left behind things will still be safer in communist countries, atheist countries and other officially non-Christian nations.

Look at it this way, someone’s world will end on 5/21/2011.  But maybe not  in the say they think it will…

Happy Armed Forces Day in Advance!



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