Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season (Dvd Set)

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Recently, I was gifted with Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season (DVD set).  I had put it on my Amazon wish list mostly because it contained the two hour special, Absolute Justice, which brought in the Justice Society of America to the Superman storyline.  Indeed, this special presentation aired on TV like a movie, and it was awesome.  My living favorite actor, Michael Shanks, appeared as Carter Hall aka: Hawkman in this two parter, and he was simply incredible.

Of course, I realize that most Smallville viewers are buying this set because they love the series and its stars which include Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and Allison Mack.  While I’ve watched scattered shows throughout the years this science fiction tale aired, I have never been a regular viewer.  I ended up watching more of seasons 9 and 10 due to Shanks’ recurring status.

Season 9 takes the Lois and Clark characters more toward the relationship that viewers know from the classical DC Comics series and past TV series.  There is actually a lot of soap opera in this, though.  All those near revelations are pure daytime drama.  However, it’s entertaining and it does move the pairing forward.

The DVD set is presented like a book, wherein each disk is placed on a plastic holder and you flip each holder to get to the next one.  There are 8 disks, some with 4 episodes and some with 3 on them.  The disks are quality ones.  I had no problems with mine at all.  Each has artwork on it to label it.

There is a nice color booklet that identifies what is on each disk.  There are many photos in the booklet, so it’s really a neat presentation, especially because it’s easily read.

The disks all have a ‘play all’ feature, accomplished just by hitting the ‘play’ button.  The special features were decent.  There was just a couple of commentaries.  They were interesting, but I expected to have more.  Certainly, Absolute Justice deserved commentary but didn’t have any.  However, it did have a featurette on how they achieved the requirements of that story, including Hawkman’s wings and the brownstone.

There were a few deleted scenes and actually on about half the disks those one or two scenes were the only extras.

Still, it’s a good season to own, and I did enjoy seeing all of the episodes and seeing the Absolute Justice feature on the DVD.


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