Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Inaccurate And Non-Existent Reporting Can Hurt Your Waistline

Knowing in advance what the healthiest entree options are can help diners plan ahead when they indulge in a restaurant meal. However, not all online restaurant nutritional information is accurate.

Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Inaccurate Reporting

Some restaurants report inaccurate online nutritional information, often as an oversight. I eat at Baja Fresh more times than I’d like to admit and always end up getting the chicken taquitos with rice.

When viewing the online restaurant nutritional information for this dish, the calorie count doesn’t seem horrible. Baja Fresh reports that their chicken taquitos with rice, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and salsa crema have 740 calories.

However, each order now includes a 1.5 ounce serving of queso. Their queso is not even listed in the online restaurant nutritional information, but I’d be willing to bet that it adds a few hundred extra calories.

Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Inaccurate Portion Size

Using the chicken taquitos at Baja Fresh as an example again, Baja inaccurately reports the portion size of this dish. They state that diners receive three taquitos when in fact Baja Fresh puts four chicken taquitos on a plate.

Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Non-Existent Reporting

There are dining establishments that refuse to post online restaurant nutritional information for their patrons. Cracker Barrel is a prime example of this offense. I guess they use tons of butter to make their veggies taste so good?

With America’s obesity epidemic running rampant and awareness of the effects of unhealthy eating, not posting online restaurant nutritional information is inexcusable.

Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Limited Nutritional Reporting

California Pizza Kitchen reports calorie counts, with no additional information like saturated fat, cholesterol, or carbohydrate counts. This is bad news for diners that are health conscious or have special dietary needs.

Online Restaurant Nutritional Information: Difficult Website Navigation

It seems that some restaurants are trying to “hide” their online nutritional information by making it difficult to find on their websites. Several times I’ve had to click around for five minutes before finding what I needed to know. Not only is this frustrating, but sneaky as well. Maybe restaurants think that diners will give up after two minutes and forget what they were looking for?

Restaurants need to realize that by not maintaining or posting online nutritional information, they are only hurting their bottom line. Many people are reducing their recreational dining budget and may not patronize restaurants that don’t provide the accurate information people need to make healthy and satisfying meal choices.

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