Dorm Room Health Tips

Here are six dorm room health tips that will help protect you and keep you healthy.

Dorm Room Health Tip #1: Always Wear Shoes

Always wear shoes when you are in your dorm room and especially whenever you use the communal dorm bathroom. Shoes will protect you from picking up foot fungus or contracting warts.

Dorm Room Health Tip #2: Use Hand Sanitizer

Walking all the way down to the bathroom to wash your hands can be a pain. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer in your room is an easy solution to keep your hands clean.

Consider carrying a bottle in your backpack and using it after touching door handles and desks to decrease your chances of picking up a nasty illness.

Dorm Room Health Tip #3: Throw Out Trash Regularly

Trash can pile up fast in those tiny waste baskets. Make it a point to empty your trash a few times a week, especially if your trash can contains any food wrappers or leftover pizza crusts.

Leftover food remnants can attract bugs, or worse, rodents. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what is causing that rustling on the other side of the room or come back from class to discover your dorm room has been taken over by cockroaches.

Dorm Room Health Tip #4: Store Food Securely

If you plan on keeping snacks in your room like chips, make sure you store them away securely. A plastic tub with a lid works nicely as a pantry. This will also deter rodents and bugs from taking up residence in your dorm room.

Dorm Room Health Tip #5: Do Laundry Regularly

When you’re running late to your first class and can’t find any clean clothes to wear, that pair of dirty jeans under your bed can look like an easy solution. While they may still look fairly clean, those dirty clothes are harboring bacteria that can cause an infection. Schedule time to do your laundry regularly and avoid wearing dirty clothes.

Dorm Room Health Tip #6: Don’t Share Drinks

Do not share your drink if you don’t want to get sick. Saliva can spread colds and more serious things like mononucleosis. It is much safer to get two clean cups and split up a beverage than to be swapping spit when sharing a can of soda.

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