Dong Quai is The Herb For Women

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Dong Quai is a root herb derived from the celery like plant Angelica sinensis.  It can be purchased in pill form, liquid form, or root form. Dong Quai root has been used for its medicinal applications in its native China, Japan, and Korea for centuries and is readily available through herbal supplement distributors all over the world.  Dong Quai has been called the women’s herb or the female ginseng because many of it has estrogen like qualities and provides relief for many female complaints.

Benefits of Dong Quai

•    Dong Quai can alleviate or reduce the symptoms of menopause
•    Dong Quai can alleviate or reduce the symptoms of PMS
•    Dong Quai has been known to aid new mothers is rebuilding strength after childbirth
•    Dong Quai can relieve nasal congestion and pain from rheumatoid arthritis
•    Dong Quai can help regulate the menstrual cycle

Side Effects and Risks

•    Research indicates that Dong Quai has healing benefits with regard to Fibroid Tumors and fibrocystic breast        disease, however due to the estrogen like qualities of the herb, it should not be taken by people with breast cancer
•    Dong Quai should not be taken during pregnancy or while nursing
•    Dong Quai should not be taken by people diagnosed with bleeding disorders or using blood thinners

The Dong Quai plant, Angelica Sinensis, can be grown in colder regions of the United States and Europe. Harvesting the root can be difficult for a beginner as the roots can grow quite large, with plants standing up to eight feet tall. The leaves of the plant, however, are edible and a good source of iron and antioxidants.

Dong Quai is most commonly used in tablet form today at a dosage of 520 mg or more per day. It is not used as a daily dietary supplement but should be used when symptoms are present. The dry root can be used in a tea as a tonic but this application is less popular in modern times.  Dong Quai should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18 and may interact negatively with certain drugs.  Users should consult their physician before taking this supplement in conjunction with prescription medications.


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