Donald Trump Will Not be Running in 2012! It is a Sad Day Indeed …

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Donald Trump states that he will not be running in 2012; even though he feels that he could beat Barack Obama he feels that a campaign could not be ran half-heartedly, and that business is his greatest passion.  Well I cannot say that I am surprised.  I am extremely disappointed, because a run in the Presidential election could have enriched our coffins, would have been very, very, entertaining, and would have made the election worth paying attention to.  I even would have watched the Republican convention for a change.

I honestly wanted Donald Trump to put his money where his mouth is.  He knows that it will all fall on Mitt Romney; but I am wondering if his real concern was whether or not people would vote for him over Mitt Romney, even though he states otherwise.  Trump would have been the John McCain of that election; an opponent that people did not really want to support but one they would have over the opposition.  He would have been second best.  

To be fair Barack Obama is not the opponent a lot of democrats wanted to vote for either; my own preference would have been to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, who I was almost certain would have been in the running if Barack Obama had not come out in the midnight hour.  Most of you will not remember that this is the third time that Trump has flirted with the idea of running, and it should be his last.  His previous efforts were easy to overlook and ignore, none of which brought about the noise and attention that this current grab of media attention has won Donald Trump.  

So for now Donald Trump; whose only political claim to fame will be that he forced Barack Obama’s hand and was able to get him to produce the real birth certificate, will go back to The Apprentice.  Trump talked a good game, was a straight shooter and extremely entertaining; these are qualities that have been exhibited, despite his inexperience, none of which the average American might associate with any of the Republican candidates so far.  If Newt Gingrich can secure the nomination we may have something worth talking about again …


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