How to Build a Nest Egg With Residual Income

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Companies pay huge sums of money to advertise online.  Typically, when you click on a site or click on an advertisement someone is making money. Why not that someone be you? You can easily begin building your nest egg through residual income by applying the following steps.

One of the easiest ways to begin a nest egg is through writing and publishing articles about topics you already know about. Topics can vary from parenting to medicine and everything in-between. There are multiple reputable companies that will pay you either because potential customers click on the site your article is published or because potential customers click on the ad(s) on the page where your article is published. Several well-know and well-established companies already have a huge following of readers making it easier for writers to earn money.

After you have written your article(s) you will need to join the online publishing company of your choosing.  A sample of the websites that pay you for writing articles include: Demand Studios, Bukisa, Triond, Xomba, InforBarrel, Hubpages, Xomba and Associated Content. Carefully read the “Terms of Service” for each company before joining and submitting your articles. The aforementioned companies, at the time of writing this article, do not charge any money to be able to participate in their publishing programs.  Caution, some of the companies will only pay a onetime upfront fee or offer a hybrid type of payment program (read the fine print). Seasoned writers have been known to earn from 1-3 dollars or more per article per month for the life of the article. If you are willing to submit quality written articles in a prolific way you have the potential over time to build up a substantial residual income and ultimately the nest egg of your dreams.

To help increase viewership and greater revenue you should consider marketing your articles by blogging, promoting them on social networking sites, and by word of mouth. Keep in mind that these companies are never to be construed as get-rich-quick schemes. You will need drive and dedication to achieve any ambition goal; and it sure beats the odds of trying to win the lottery.


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