How Does A Lcd Screen Work?

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The LCD screens use modern technology which reduces the normal big screen to a small and thin screen which is more portable. This technology had made it possible to reduce most of the bulky equipment like computers into laptops and the television screens into a thinner and slimmer LCD screen. Even if this technology is yet to be perfected and it does not meet some expectations, it is still the best till now!

They are called liquid crystals because the molecules have the property of liquid more than they have the property of solids. They move like liquid but they have also some property of the solid to make them stay in one place for some time. As normally the liquids get flowing as the temperature goes high and solidify as the temperatures goes down; the liquid in the crystals may become unreliable in too cold an environment or too hot an environment. That’s why some people are yet to be able to use the LCD technology without complaining. This technology is best used in thermometers where the immediate reactions to temperature changes are welcomed.

The electricity works in the LCD screen by passing through the molecules of the liquid of the moving screen found in between glass panels. The light that gets to the viewer from the bulb passes through the glass with different intensity due to coiling down or unwinding of the molecules. These molecules coil or unwind due to the electric current when it passes through them.

Lets us take an example of tree leaves, when light passes through the leaves when there is no movement is not the same as the light that passes through when there is wind. Therefore the molecules in the crystal are like tree leaves and the bulb in the light bulb is like the sun. The electric current acts like the wind which regulates the light between the molecules and creates the patterns that are interpreted as images and words on the LCD screen by the viewer.

The LCD technology uses the liquid rather than solid, it takes less space. That’s why it is widely used to reduce bulky equipment into thinner equipment. This has made it possible for those equipment to be moved around and they can be taken to any place. Now LCD screens have become the in-thing and most of the current television manufacturers make sure that the word ‘LCD’ is included in their advertisements.


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