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People choose to buy a cheap printer without calculating the overall cost of those printers in the long run. For instance, buying the Ink Jet Printer may seem to be cheaper in the first place but the ink will be bought at a very high price. Therefore the price of the ink will add up to the price of owning the Ink Jet printer than if you had chosen to buy the expensive printer which needs less expensive ink!

Before buying the printer, check first how much print output it will give for a week, for a month, and for the whole year. Calculate how much you will have to spend on buying its ink replacements. But you must also remember that some specifications on the packaging of the printer may be not reflective of the truth about those printers, therefore do your own test first. If you use the same color of cartridges, consider buying in bulk to save money. However if you use different colors on daily basis, consider buying individual colors separately.

Printers which have a built-in PC card slot with an LCD panel are able to print the photos with good clarity. They are the best options if your work will involve printing pictures most of the time. They have an image-editing software that will allow you to view and edit the images without the use of the PC. However you do not have to buy this kind of expensive printer if your work involves printing text printouts alone. Just buy cheap black and white Laser printer; they print quality impressions than most other expensive ink jets. But if your work requires printing out the text and the graphics, it is better if you have two printers: a photo ink jet printer and a monochrome laser printer. This will reduce the cost if you have to use only one for both the jobs. If you will need to connect to the internet, make sure that you checked that the printer also has the Ethernet port because some printers have it, others don’t.

The color laser printer toner cartridges seem expensive than most other cartridges but its per page cost is less than those of other cartridges. So before buying the printer, take into account that if you choose well, the most expensive printer can save you money in the long run while the cheap printer will cost you much more in buying the replacements for its ink and spare parts.


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