Origins Of The Ipod

The iPod can be described as a musical device that was developed and brought to the market by Apple Inc. which is a multinational company. Through a research conducted, Apple found out that when compared to the likes of digital cameras and camcorders, music device sales were hitting an all time low. Reason being because of their user interfaces which consumers were finding a bit too tasking. It was Apple’s ambition to change that and so it brought together a team of engineers headed by their hardware engineering chief. Not long after that, the Apple team was able to come up with a device that was capable of holding up to one thousand songs and had an internal hard drive that was as large as 5GB.

Apple also had iTunes software which worked with all Mac systems and was used with their iPod devices which were both Mp3 and Mp4 players. Ideally the iPod has a memory of 32 MB, part of which was used for its firmware and the rest was used for storing songs on the hard disk. Soon after, Apple came up with software that enabled up to 30 MB worth of songs to be stored on the hard disk. This reduced the time the hard disk had to spin each time a new song came along. This helped it save up on battery power. Some years later Apple came up with an iPod version for Windows as well.

Because of the previous problem of a complicated user interface, Apple decided that the iPod’s user interface would be as friendly as possible and that it would only have five main options; Menu, Center, Play/Pause, Skip forward and Skip backward. There is also one other button which is the Hold button. This button is used to lock the iPod to prevent any accidental press of a button. It is also used to reset the iPod incase it may have frozen or crashed. Apple’s other versions of the iPod have had slight changes with the buttons but the main ones have always remained at five.

The name for this music device was inspired through a movie. Apple needed a name that would have a futuristic sound to it and hence the name iPod. Thus the iPod was officially launched in the year 2001. To help customers find songs, Apple came up with a store, iTunes, which allowed users to purchase songs and store them on their iPods.

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