Sony Walkman Versus The Ipod

Once upon a time, there was a device called the Sony Walkman. Only very few people can remember exactly what the Walkman is and what it used to do. It’s not so much that it was introduced years ago but it has much to do with the fact that since then a lot has happened in the world of technology. Back in the 80’s, the Walkman was the coolest device and having one did wonders to one’s self esteem. Back then, there wasn’t a place where you wouldn’t find a person sporting a Walkman. It was quite possible for kids to be listening to their own kind of music on the Sony Walkman as their parents listened to something else on the car radio.

The Walkman was a staple in the society for quite some time and if ever there was a need to represent the 1980’s, you would be sure to find the Sony Walkman on the list. Leaving it out of the list would be synonymous with talking about the 21st century without mentioning the internet anywhere. Such was the importance and impact the Walkman had on generations.

Next came the move from the Sony Walkman to the iPod. It would seem strange if there was anyone who hadn’t at least heard of the iPod. This gadget generates different feelings from people. You aren’t guaranteed a standard answer if you were to ask different people on how they felt about the iPod. This device was first introduced into the market in the year 2001 and since then it has grown a steady fan base. Back then, the iPod would have been described as a portable music device. Today however, that definition would not be doing it justice because the iPod has evolved into something much more than a portable music device.

The Walkman was a device that was specifically targeted at the youth but with the iPod, it is a device that anyone can own. Adults too can be seen sporting Apple’s iPod. It is also loved by athletes in training who can do their thing while listening to their favorite music. This may have been a little difficult if you had a Walkman which was much larger. If it is your first time to hear about the iPod and have been interested enough to buy one, you may be confused by the different types that are available. But whichever the case, there is an iPod just for you and one that suits your needs.

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