Reasons Why You Should Own An Ipod Nano

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For you there may be a number of reactions you experience whenever you think of the iPod nano. One may be that it is just another music device. Another may be that to you, the iPod nano is the best technology has to offer. Yet another reason may be that to you the iPod is simply something you hear about and have no idea as to what it is.

The words that come to most people’s minds when the iPod nano is mentioned are trend setter and pricey. This is a statement making device and to most it calls for attention at the amount of technology that it has.

The following are reasons as to why you need to go out and get yourself the iPod nano.

It is very thin

Most devices these days are made with slim designs so that it will be very easy to slip them into your pockets or wallets. The same can be said of the iPod nano. Its design allows you to slide it into your wallet with ease and still have space left for other stuff.

It has a high capacity

Having a device that has a storage capacity of 4GB allows you to store so many songs. This device gives you that pleasure of listening to your favorite songs with no limit.

Its display

On the iPod nano, you will find a click wheel which will help you navigate through songs and menus with ease. Also the display of the iPod is something to talk about. The iPod nano has up to 14 hours of listening to music non-stop.

Nice features

Aside from the obvious music handling, the iPod nano can also store photos. As mentioned earlier, the click wheel makes navigation very easy and you also have the option to sync your iPod to a PC and transfer your photos through the iTunes software.


Aside from its slim design which allows you to fit it in anywhere, there is also the headphone jack and the dock connector which ensures you have the option to have your iPod nano with you wherever you go despite what you are doing.

Its weight

This device is feather light and is quite easy to carry around with you. The screen is quite sturdy despite popular fears that it will crack. However, it is not smudge nor scratch proof.

With all the above mentioned features, the iPod nano should be on your next shopping list for sure!


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