How Esata Works

eSATA is an extension to the currently available ATA serial standards. SATA drives can now be attached externally thanks to the eSATA. This allows for greater power as it combines the drives and thus creating a wider network for functioning. This technology is still very new but it will allow for faster transfer of data as compared to the conventional connectivity means.

eSATA works by allowing a lot of connectivity to be made without the need for so many wires and cables. To connect external hard drives, usually one had to use cables or USBs but thanks to the eSATA there is no need for that any longer. eSATA has allowed for ease of connection by connecting multiple drives without the need to figure out which cable goes where. And all of this can be done in a very short period of time. There are also very small chances of eSATA letting you down as it is guaranteed to work every time. When USBs are looked at, this interface is better used for things like computer mouse, scanners, keyboards and printers. When it comes to FireWire, this is one that is mostly used for external storage.

Benefits of using eSATA

Because of its nature, the eSATA wires are far easier to distinguish amidst all the confusion of wires and cables. Even people who own computers at home can relate with the fact that it is quite easy to trip on these wires. These incidences are reduced with the use of eSATA because their cables are long and are very distinguishable from the rest. Just one look at the cable is enough to tell you where it is going and which one it is.

Secondly, the eSATA cables are very easy to connect. This is because the cables are designed to use hot plugs and these allow hard drives to be removed and plugged in without the need to power down the whole system. This obviously saves time.

Because of its technology, eSATA allows better rates of data transfer which are far better than the ones offered by USB cables. Regular cables may offer a transfer rate of 50MBps while with the eSATA you can have up to 150MBps to up to 300MBps. That is a lot of power as compared to the usual USB cable.

It should be noted that eSATA cannot function without the main features of SATA as it is somewhat of an upgrade.

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