How To Increase The Life Span Of Your Ipod

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Most people are quite aware of iPods and many own them. However not many of these iPod owners know about the batteries that are inside this device. This is because the batteries of the iPod permanently remain inside the device and hence not much is known about them. Some people make the mistake of thinking that the batteries will last forever but the truth is if these batteries are not taken care of, there are chances that you will not be able to enjoy your iPod for long. However, both of the above statements are incorrect because there is a way to remove the lithium ion battery in your iPod and have it replaced with an iPod replacement kit. And even if the battery will not leave the interior of the iPod, that does not mean your device will last forever.

There are some tips that you can employ that will help you make your iPod battery last longer:

Firstly, never overcharge your battery. This is because as you charge your battery, there will be no place for the extra energy to go to thus it will eventually damage the battery. Once your battery icon flashes that it is full, make sure you unplug your iPod immediately.

Store your iPod at room temperature at all times. Because your battery is lithium, there are chemical reactions that take place in your battery and hence the temperatures need to remain stable. If they are raised, this causes the chemical reaction within the battery to speed up thus damaging the battery while on the other hand, if the temperatures are low, the chemical reactions are slowed down and this reduces the quality of the battery with time.

Make sure you charge your battery only when it is needed. Every time you charge your battery, it is weakened. If you charge it regularly this means that you are reducing the chances of your iPod lasting for long. Do not feel compelled to charge it just because you see it has one bar less on the battery icon.

Have the tendency of using your iPod on a regular basis. This is because by not using it, the battery is also left unused and this dulls it over time meaning that it will not be working at its optimum. Using your iPod regularly keeps the battery functional.


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