Reasons Why Zune Is Better Than The Ipod

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The Zune player is a portable device which has been released by Microsoft. The device is said to beat the likes of the iPod. To look at it realistically, there may be a few reasons as to why people do agree that the Zune may beat the iPod. The first two reasons are available but the last one is more of a wish than anything else.


The Zune music player has Wi-Fi connectivity which is a great asset. This feature will allow other Zune player owners to connect with the rest of the music world. The idea of transferring songs or videos may seem like a daunting task but with the fast Wi-Fi connectivity this can be very easy and even fun. There may be chances however, that the digital rights management may begin to disturb the Zune users.

Integrated Marketplace

This should be the best feature the Zune has so far. Ever been frustrated about how you need to download a song to your computer first before you can transfer it to your phone or iPod? Well, if you own a Zune player you will no longer have to keep downloading songs to your computer first as the Zune Marketplace will allow you to get songs directly onto your Zune player.

Some stores allow you to download songs but with a fee for each song you download. However, with the integrated marketplace you can download as many songs as you please with just a minimum fee. The best experience however, would be to gain access to the marketplace through the use of the Wi-Fi which is integrated into the phone.

Volp phone

This last feature is something the Zune player does not have but most people wish it had. This would be the icing on the cake because of the features the volp would have added on the Zune. Additionally, this feature should not be hard to add because the Zune already has most of the technical requirements on board. A volp phone is said to be much easier to come up with as compared to a mobile phone because of all the complications mobile phones have.

Other things to note about Microsoft’s Zune player is that it will also allow Xbox 360 users to stream movies and TV shows. This is a feature most Xbox owners would love to have.


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