Divx Video Standard

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It seems that each year brings with it something new in the technological field; recently you may or may not have heard of DivX.

DivX can best be described as video codec which is digital in nature and is used in compression and decompression. It has been based on the MPEG-4 format. This means that users can download files at very high speeds without affecting the quality of the video. This has fast made it the top choice when it comes to the exchange of files over the internet.

DVD encoding was the first choice when it came to the use of DivX and this was because of its quality output at very low bit rates. At some point, people had thought that it would become the alternative for renting videos. This did not work out and its use in the DVD world was quite short-lived. However, it soon became a favorite on the internet.

The DivX player is simply a program which allows you to download a lot of files in one go. One great advantage of this is that you are able to pause the download and come and continue with it later. Also you do have the choice of adding URLs to it. The program also lets you arrange your downloads in such a way that they are easy to access. There is the option to drag and drop and you can afterwards decide to burn one or even more of your downloaded files to a CD.

It is possible to watch a DivX video on your computer and even movies which are rented but in a DivX format. Maybe you’d prefer watching your movie on your TV screen which may be bigger but all you have to do is to burn your DivX movies to a disk and insert them into your DVD player.

DivX is truly advanced as it can use video software to allow you to create very good quality videos which have been compressed thus allowing you to burn numerous movies on one disk. Thanks to the compression rate, it is possible for one CD to have a full movie.

Thanks to the different sites on the internet which allow you to download movies, through DivX you can download as many as you want and have them compressed onto a single DVD. DivX has truly made watching movies from the internet much simpler.


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