Understanding Radar Equipment

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A Radar gun is used to determine how the motorist is speeding by just shooting in the air and determining how fast he is moving above the allowed speed. Radar guns give the police the power to determine in seconds who is speeding or who is not in the traffic even if he is at some distance in the traffic.

To know how the radar gun works will help you to take appropriate measures when an over speeding ticket is given to you based on the radar gun machine. Considering the size of the fine and its impact on your insurance premiums, you may try to argue the malfunction of the radar gun machine or the inexperience of the policeman. After all, the radar gun is a machine and machines are prone to malfunction from time to time. This will give you a chance to argue your case in court.

If you have chosen to go to court to validate your case, you have to get the following information about the radar machine that had been used and the police person who used it. You should get the maintenance record of the radar gun by the local government and training and experience of the officer who issued the ticket to you. This information may help you in your defense if there is anything which is not clear.

The above information is important if you are prepared to go to court because some other excuses may be invalid in the court. At the time of your appearance in the court, even the policeman who issued the ticket will be with you. If your defense is about the gun, the history of the gun maintenance and if there have been any other problem with the gun will be given by the police officer. The policeman also will be under scrutiny in his experience in handling the radar gun machine and his past experience. If there is a chance that the court may think your doubt has a solid base, you may save yourself from a huge fine.

However, there is no need to go to court if the fine is not too high, because the court can waste your time and you may end up paying the fine and the added court fine if your argument is not validated by the court. So use your information about Radar guns in the right situation!


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