The Amazing T-Mobile

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T-Mobile is among the leading cell phone providers in the US in the cell phone industry. It offers a payment scheme that is appreciated by its customers and has always offered different schemes to keep on top of other competitors.

The launch of the Sidekick I from T-mobile was one of those successful schemes and now the T-Mobile is campaigning for the T-Mobile Sidekick II with more features than the first one. The Sidekick is a phone which has advanced features like messaging and gaming with browsing options.

The T-mobile Sidekick II uses the data plan from the T-Mobile and the user can send and receive sound or picture through its Multimedia Messaging services (MMS). Its in-built camera allows you to take and send the pictures almost instantly.

The Sidekick II has Instant Messenger Application which allows the user to download Yahoo’s messenger. For those people who like to use the messages option, the mobile has a unique feature of self completion of words. You can access directly more than just your e-mail from different accounts on the Sidekick II. It is easy to browse the internet with its embedded browser too.

The Sidekick II has a calendar and more than 1000 tasks can be tagged on it. The Sidekick II can help a forgetful person to add reminders to it. All these features can be synchronized with Microsoft outlook and it easier to use it off net as well. The T-mobile Sidekick accesses the wireless technology via Intellysinc. This application makes it easier for the user to view his picture gallery on the PC from the Sidekick II and other files can be shared between the Sidekick II and the PC or Laptop.

The Sidekick II has a LED flashlight, while its camera can take shots at night thanks to its night mode which helps the camera to work in a low light environment.

The Sidekick II did not forget the gaming fanatic either, it has a wide range of games like Rock and Rocket and you can download some more games from the internet in the T-zones.

The Sidekick II has a memory capacity of 48MB; its lithium battery has the capacity of at least 4.5 hours talk time and more than 60 hours digital standby. With rumors about the entrance of the T-Mobile Sidekick III, consumers are promised the most exciting features with the existing one in the Sidekick II and much more!


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