Sidekick II From T-Mobile

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Sidekick II from T-mobile, the improvement of the Sidekick I is the most important communication gadget nowadays. Since its launch in the US market, it became an instant hit because it does not only allow you to communicate; it also allows you to enjoy communicating.

The T-mobile Sidekick II has been introduced after revising the Sidekick I and solving all the problems that faced the first version. The Sidekick II has the following features among others which make it to stand out from the first version. It weighs only 6.49 ounces, its battery can offer up to 4.5 hours of talking and digital standby of 60 hours and its dimensions are 5.12 x 2.60 x 0.87 inches. Above all it comes with a one year warranty.

With the T-mobile Sidekick II, the user is no longer suffering from the lack of buttons to perform certain basic actions. It comes with dual buttons allowing the user to browse the net and manage calls. You can also change the volume or adjust other features using the external buttons without the need to get into the phone settings. It has an external direction pad which is used mostly by gamers. Its keyboard is easy to use and can be used for text messaging, calendar updating or emailing. Its screen can support more than 65,000 colors and it features 240 x 160 pixels.

The T-mobile Sidekick II is thinner than its earlier version; it is comfortable to use and to carry along. It has a camera, LED flash and a mirror. It comes already loaded with a Hiptop OS with internal memory of 48 MB capacity.

The T-mobile Sidekick II can store up to 2000 contacts in its memory and you are able to assign each contact its own picture and a tone. If you are not satisfied with the already existing tones in the mobile phone, you can download more from the T-Mobile t-zones. With the t-zone service, you are also able to download all of your favorite games.

Another reason why the T-mobile Sidekick II is a must for you is that you are able to access all the applications available from T-Mobile for the Sidekick II data plan at only $29.90 per month. If you think that all these features are not enough to make you buy the Sidekick II, wait for the Sidekick III, it will be hotter with more features than the existing one!


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