Types Of Paper Shredders

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If you have documents you fear may fall in the wrong hands, why don’t you use a paper shredder to shred them? The truth is that paper shredders are indispensable for an office where there is a concern about the security of documents.

Have you ever wondered how the paper shredders work? The paper shredder has the capacity of turning papers full of information into useless bits of paper which you can not get any information from. Remember that the paper shredder is among the equipment which helps to enhance the security of the company by insuring that the information will not fall in the wrong hands.

Paper shredders use different configuration which dictates how they mechanically operate. There is the strip cut paper shredder which cuts the paper into strips. A paper is cut in an average of 20 small strips making it difficult to be put together again. This type of shredder uses blades found on its steel frame, it cuts the paper as it moves on the roller coming into the shredder. It is widely used because it has a high speed and large volume of papers can be fed in it at a time.

The cross cut paper shredder is used to cut the papers crossing one another. Inside timer (mechanical or electric) makes sure that the papers are cut into equal sizes and that those small papers can not be constructed again. High end paper shredders use the cross cut paper shredder system to ensure maximum security from the shredded papers. They have automated feed rates and their applications are programmable.

If you use the strip cut shredder, you have to make sure that you have a secure way to dispose the shredded papers to ensure full security, because the strips from the shredded papers can be reconstructed. If you are not sure of which of the shredding methods you can use, choose to use the cross cut shredder because the cross shredded papers are hard to reconstitute.

Another factor to consider before buying the paper shredder is the number of papers that need to be shredded per day. The capacity of the shredder depends on how much paper it can shred per day and it differs from one shredder to another.

If you are not yet satisfied with the above information, you can get more information on the internet about the available paper shredders with advanced features and where you can get them.


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