Know About Fiber Optics

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Fiber optics generally means the use of light to transmit data. Claude Chappe was the man who came up with the concept of fiber optics in the year 1790. However, he wasn’t the one who came up with the idea as Graham Bell had already tried to use the atmosphere as a means of communication. Graham Bell had tried the concept of optic telegraph but with no success. Not long after that, fiber optics was developed through the use of internal reflection.

With time, engineers had to adopt fiber optics because of the need to use it in radio and telephone transmissions. Because of the increasing demand for phones and radios, engineers saw the need to increase the bandwidth which would be used for the transmission of data. There was a great need to look for a faster means to transmit data. Copper cables were what were being used to transmit data and they weren’t that effective. Also other problems that are associated with copper cables are that they are prone to electric shocks and environmental interference.

Because of their similarity to dielectric wavelengths, fiber optics did receive a lot of attention. This was because the plastic dielectric wavelengths were used in microwaves and fiber optics was very similar to that. Because of this attention, there evolved technology that allowed data transmission through the use of glass or plastic threads. The different cables involved in fiber optics contained a certain number of glass threads which would then be used to transmit data.

Through the beginning of the use of fiber optic cables, data began to be transferred quite easily and faster than usual. The fiber optic cables definitely had a larger bandwidth and there was a reduced external interference. The lighter version of the optic cables transmitted data far more easily and in a digital form as compared to the previous analog form. This technology has now found its use in the computer world which in turn has affected the radio, television and phone industry.

The medical industry too have benefited from the use of optic cables. An instrument such as an endoscope uses optic cables to relay information. Both Cable TV and Internet Service Providers cannot imagine operating without the use of fiber cables. This has made this technology quite priceless. It has also given companies the option to transfer data which is quite large in size. Fiber optics is a technology that will stay with us for a long time, make sure all your electronics use it.


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