Shure Music Phone Adapter

The most known phone device in the market by now which can be used with any headphone of your choice is the Shure Music Phone adapter. It is the most popular iPhone solution, on one end it has a compatible jack with the pause, end or answer buttons while at the other end it has an audio Jack which connects to your headphones (a 3.5mm female audio jack). The adapter is connected to the Shure SE110 with a short modular cable therefore you do not have to fear about the length of the adapter.

You can find the Shure Music Phone Adapter in different foam sizes with different silicone tips and their carrying pouches also vary from one another. The most comfortable available on the market is the Shure’s coated memory foam because they stay in the ear and you can wear them with a cable over the ears.

Shure Music Phone Adapter increases the clarity of the calls even if you are in a noisy environment because it uses Voiceport. The Voiceport is the technology which filters the noise and makes sure that you can be heard no matter how much noisy the environment you are in is. It has an integrated button which you can use for answering calls without touching the mobile phone. Its control button makes sure that you activate the call waiting option, the last called number, mute or voice option. It can be detached easily when it is no longer needed like in flight or in the gym.

If you want to keep your call private, you can easily detach the Shure Music Phone Adapter and return it when you have finished. The Shure Music Phone Adapter

is the best choice for people who use the mobile phone while driving. Even if the Shure Music Phone Adapter has been designed to be compatible with the iPhone, they are from different manufacturers. While the iPhone is made by Apple Inc. and it certifies the Shure Music Phone Adapter to meet the standards of Apple, however, it does not take any responsibility for the safety or regulation of the device.

If you are a music fanatic and you would like to move with your music wherever you are, the best solution is to get the Shure Music Phone Adapter for use. Not only you will be listening to your favorite music, you will be able to answer any calls or to make a call with the headphones on.

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