Why Dahle Shredders Are World Class

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With increasing espionage in the business and identity theft, the Dahle Shredders have their important place in any business which does not want to be a victim.

Dahle shredders have claimed their place in the businesses because it can accommodate different needs for different customers; from the small offices to big ones. The Dahle shredders have also been approved by the Department of defense because they offer high security for the shredded documents.

Dahle shredders are being developed and innovated on regular basis to maintain their reputation of being the best shredders in the world. Their cutting cylinders are made in hardened steel and every shredder has to pass through different testing programs before coming into the market. That’s why Dahle shredders are of the highest quality and offer the best security for your documents. This ensures that you get only the best.

The smallest of the Dahle shredders has the capacity of at least 400 sheets per day. It has a swing door and a wooden cabinet. It has a visual indicator to alert the user when the removable bag behind the door has to be changed.

The medium shredders have a capacity of at least 2000 sheets every day. They are designed for a busy office for example a busy health center which regularly destroys confidential information about their client’s health. These shredders can shut themselves off, they have an auto reverse option and bag full alert. They have an automated shut on and shut off option as well.

The biggest shredders in the Dahle series are designed to destroy at least 28,000 sheets everyday. More than 60 sheets can be shredded at once. The industrial shredder has the capacity to shred more than 60,000 sheets per day. If a company does not want to buy shredders for every department, they may opt to buy a bigger shredder and set up a central department for shredding the documents from all departments. This will also save the company money which should have been used to maintain different shredders from different departments in addition of having one professional designated to shred the company documents.

With a wide range of shredders to choose from, it is obvious why you will get a Dahle shredder in every office. Regardless of how many sheets you have to shred everyday, you will get one designed just for you.


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