How to Be a Prolific Artist, Author or Anything

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For example, as a minster, I churn out a minimum of three sermons weekly along with preparing a Sunday School lesson. As a public school teacher I have lessons to prepare five days a week, ten months out of the year. As an entrepreneur I write daily articles for various online sites (i.e. Ehow). I also produce artwork constantly for my several online t-shirt shops. I’m not through just yet; I also am a webmaster, which requires quite a bit of multi-tasking duties in order to build and design websites. I slip in a little time to write music also. And yes, I do have a life. So here’s how it’s done.

Scheduling cannot be over emphasized. If you fail to plan, as they say, then you plan to fail. I cannot stress enough the fact that if you don’t have and maintain a schedule, you’re only a train wreck waiting to happen. Hint – Know if you’re a morning or evening person. Be sure to schedule your heaviest responsibilities during your most productive times.

Next, you need to view what you do in a more positive light. For example, I used to be a more than avid fishing fanatic. I still go fishing, but on very rare occasions. My view of this is not that I gave up fishing, but rather I have a new hobby or recreation I prefer; which is writing. People change hobbies from time to time in the course of life. This is normal. If you need more time to draw or paint then maybe bowling night will simply turn into art night.

Warm up like athletes do. I hear of many who say that when they sit down to start writing or painting or whatever, that they are unable to get their so-called creative juices flowing or they are at an impasse due to writer’s block. From personal experience I know that whenever an athlete gets ready to take the field or go onto the court they will start every game executing a warm-up routine. This is not just merely to get the body physically ready to perform, but it sets in motion mental readiness. Just to make this point . . . If I have an art project that I need to get started on, I will go through a warm-up routine I have come to call, “try this, try that”. This is when I instead of trying to produce a perfect piece of artwork right off the bat, I begin by doing my “try this, try that” warm-up routine. I literally just try this and try that to see what I happen to come up with, creative wise. When doing this, before I even realize it I find myself in what is known as the “ZONE”. When I get in the “ZONE”, and I do when I do my warm-up exercise, that’s when I am most prolific.

Enjoy what you do, because you’ll more likely do what you enjoy. I don’t write or draw out of necessity. I do those things both well and often because I have a passion for those things. Finding and knowing your niche has a lot to do with how prolific you’ll be.


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