Combat! – The Complete Series (Dvd Set)

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Combat!  – The Complete Series (DVD set) is something I have looked forward to owning for a very long time.  This was one of my favorite war dramas from the 1960’s.  The show starred Rick Jason, Vic Morrow, Pierre Jalbert, Jack Hogan, Tom Lowell, Dick Peabody, and Shecky Greene.

My favorite was always Rick Jason.  I just thought he made an awesome soldier.  He was actually the lieutenant and as such ended up doing a lot of sandwich work where he was in the first and last scenes of an episode.  That’s because those shows would focus on the squad, led by Morrow’s sergeant character.

What I regretted is that there weren’t more shows that included Jason and Morrow together because they were terrific as a team.

The DVD set includes 40 DVDs, approximately 8 per TV season, and it is jam packed with extras.  The disks all feature different images of the main actors.  Now there was a bit of a different between the first couple of seasons the last ones in terms of DVD set up, and I thought that was a shame.  The first years are really well done, but from my experience with my set, the last couple weren’t done with the exact same quality.  I had to have a couple of the disks replaced, in fact.

The special features are terrific.  The set is loaded with commentaries, for example.  Some of these include actors, directors, and writers.  I found it interesting that the man in charge of the DVD special features actually does a lot of the commentaries with the guest starring actors.  I haven’t seen that before, but for the most part it worked.

The only real parts that didn’t work for me were some repetitiveness in the “We love Vic” fan club.  Morrow was a good actor, and the man died tragically, but there was just a bit too much of Vic the Wonderful for me.  By the time I got to the fifth season of DVDs, I could almost predict what the guest starring actors were going to be asked.  It irked me, and maybe that’s because I feel like Rick Jason wasn’t given his due for his contribution to the show.

I did love, though, that the commentaries did include people like Joseph Campanella, Ben Cooper, and Anthony Call who could really give some insights to what they remember from the shooting of their episodes.

The other extras include photo galleries, cast interviews, and tidbits from a book on Combat.  My only problem with that is that the tidbits were printed, not spoken, and they were hard for me to read.  The other thing that got tiring is that with the photo galleries they kept running the Combat theme.  I love the theme, but I was ready for something else by the time the gallery presentation was over.

The shortcomings of the set are few.  There are 40 good reasons for buying this set and those are 40 disks of Combat hours.  It was good TV and I learned a lot from re-watching them and from the commentaries.


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