Why Backlinks Are so Important These Days For Website Promotion

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Everyone who has read about SEO has come across at least once the word “backlinks”. Those are links that point to a site or a web page. This is really important for the search engine optimization, the already mentioned SEO, because by the number of backlinks a site is indicated in popularity and importance. The more backlinks it has the more popular the site will be and that factor is one of the most considered ones by many search engines. For example, Google description of their PageRank system shows that they consider a link from one page to another page as a vote from the first page for the second one. More votes means higher in the ranking. So most of the sites use different techniques to increase the number of backlinks that they have. Some of those techniques are free for use by anyone. Of course there are others which require a lot of planning and marketing work.

In order to assess what the value of a backlink is, you should consider several factors. Really highly valuable are backlinks from authoritative sites on a particular topic. If both of the sites are with content connected to the keyword topic then it is considered that this backlink will have strong influance on the SEO. Another factor is the anchor text. This is the descriptive labeling of the hyperlink when it appears on a webpage. This is really important since search engines bots examine it to evaluate how relevant it is to the webpage. The anchor text and the webpage content are the two really important factors which weigh heavily in seach engine results page.

In order to get backlinks there are numerous services on the internet that offer that. Of course they offer cheap backlinks which do not really fit those factors that good. Still it is a good way to fastly increase the number of backlinks to your site. There are a few problems that arise with cheap backlinks though. One of them is the fact that those services in order to get the backlinks in the shortest period of time possible, they just simply scrape for forums which are not really popular and can actually dissapear on the next day. So you might be getting thousands of backlinks but in fact you do not really get popular or higher in the ranking since you do not get anyone clicking on your website link.

Another type of backlinks are the one way backlinks. Those are links that point from one web page to a page on someone else’s webpage. This is common with a lot of people who have websites high in the ranking and want to increase their popularity even more. They just exchange links with each other.Backlinks turn out to be something really important if you want to make your site successful and popular.The more successful site you have the more you can earn from it and well most of the people’s goal is connected to that.



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