Smallville: Finale

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For ten years, Tom Welling has played Clark Kent, Superman in the making, in the science fiction series, Smallville.  After a decade, the show concluded its run in May 2011 with Finale, a two hour program that was, on the whole, a suitable ending that is really a new beginning.

I love to watch series finales, even if I didn’t regularly watch a program.  That’s the case here.  I’ve watched the show infrequently, but kept up on it, or at least the key points. I just like to see what producers do, especially for a show like this that had so much history, not just in the show but in DC Comics.  

This entire 10th season was announced as the build up to the moment when Clark Kent would finally don the familiar blue outfit with the ‘S’ symbol and red cape and become the Superman we all know and love.  I watched the show when Clark proposed to Lois and loved that.  I had high expectations for this finale, which would hopefully include the big wedding.

Please note that the rest of this review does contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched, be forewarned about the content below.

The use of the vows in the first hour pretty much told me that we probably were not going to get the actual wedding.  The vows were, however, beautiful and used beautifully in the plot.  They fit and they made me smile.

The wedding event seen near the halfway point was wonderful.  It was lovely, but again, I just knew.  Sure enough, Clark has to go off to save the world.

There is a lot of action from this point out, and that’s okay, but not what floats my boat, so to speak. Naturally, they get through it all, and then it’s time for the big last scene.  Would we get a quickie wedding?

Well, not exactly.  What we get is a wonderful moment that is typical Superman.  For a minute, I thought it was an alternate reality or some time spin, but it’s not.  Are they married?  Well, not yet, but they are, yes, about to be again when Superman has to go save the day.

The question is whether or not fans will be disappointed not to see the wedding or not.  I was. I enjoyed the two hours, but I think they should have given fans the whole enchilada and let us see it happen.  How others felt, I have no idea.


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