Have Gun – Will Travel: The Fatal Flaw

Have Gun – Will Travel: The Fatal Flaw was the 23rd show of the fourth season.  Richard Boone stars in this half hour western series as Paladin, a gunfighter for hire who tends to dress in black when on the job while acting as a sophisticated playboy when just living it up in a San Francisco hotel.  This show doesn’t show any of that society lifestyle, however.  Instead, it begins with Paladin and two others entering a cabin amid a snowstorm.

In short order, viewers learn that one man is a marshal while the other is a prisoner.  The marshal is injured, so it’s pretty much up to Paladin to keep things under control.

Royal Dano, a noted character actor for many decades, guest starred as the outlaw prisoner, Curley Ashburne.  Dano’s voice and crinkled facial look makes him distinctive in any role he took on.  Readers may not know his name, but if you’ve watched any TV prior to 1990, you’ve seen this actor many times over.

Allyn Joslyn appeared as Marshal Lyle McKendrick, a role that appears to be that of a long time defender of the law getting close to retirement age.  He’s a gentle man, considering his job.

What this episode does, though, is give us a bit of a twist where the marshal and the outlaw are concerned.  Paladin actually knows that there is a puzzle to be figured out because Ashburne could have gotten away, but didn’t.

Thrown into the mystery is a young woman named Cassandra Langford, played by Jena Engstrom.  I really enjoy watching Engstrom.  I’ve seen her in a lot of westerns from the 50’s and 60’s and something about her fascinates me.  She did it again here, too, as I just couldn’t stop watching her.  I was fascinated and wanted to know Cassandra’s story.

This is one of those times I don’t really want to give away the twists and turns, but there are a few, and those are what make viewing this episode fun.  Some of it is predictable, but it was watching it unfold that made it work for me.  I’d even call it exciting to a point.  This is one I’d like to see again.

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