Townhouse Landscaping Tips

Townhouse Landscaping Tip #1: Learn About HOA Rules and Restrictions

Before you begin any major townhouse landscaping work, be sure and check the covenants that your HOA has established. Some townhouse complexes prohibit the use of decorations such as outdoor fireplaces and patio lighting. Knowing any restrictions upfront can save you time and money when landscaping your townhouse property.

Townhouse Landscaping Tip #2: Use Moderation When Landscaping Your Front Yard

Depending on the set-up of your townhouse complex, you might not have many options when it comes to landscaping your front yard. Most townhouse HOA’s consider the landscaping in the front of a townhouse to be a common area. Any maintenance required will be taken care of by the landscaping crew if this is the case and your only landscaping option may be to put a pot with some flowers or a hanging basket outside of your front door.

Townhouse Landscaping Tip #3: Consider a ContainerGarden

Some townhouse owners may find it easier to landscape using a container garden. This is a smart option for anyone who is planning on occupying a townhouse for a short time, as they can take their garden with them when they leave.

A container garden also requires a little less maintenance than planting directly in the ground. Weeds are kept at bay and there is not really a need for mulch or bark in a container garden.

Townhouse Landscaping Tip #4: Keep Your Dimensions in Mind

That aspen sapling may seem like a good idea now, but will your townhouse yard be big enough to sustain it twelve years from now? Choose perennial plants with your available yard space in mind so you avoid cluttering your townhouse yard to the point where you can’t even enjoy it.

Townhouse Landscaping Tip #5: Grow Local Plants

Choosing local varieties of plants to place in your backyard can ensure that your garden stays healthy throughout the growing season. It is much easier to have successful landscaping when you use plants that are native to the weather and soil conditions of the area you live in rather than plants that are seeded halfway across the country and shipped into your state.

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