Tips For Sending a Thank You Note After a Job Interview

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Not only does the recipient of the thank you note notice that you took the job interview seriously, it also gives you a chance to reiterate your interest in the position you interviewed for. This can make a lasting impression long after the initial job interview took place. Here are three tips to increase the effectiveness of your thank you notes.

Tip #1: Send the Thank You Note Within a Day of Your Interview

The sooner you get the thank you note in the mail after your job interview, the better. Wait too long and you risk the interviewer not remembering who you are or how the meeting went. If you choose to send an e-mail thank you note, get it out the same day of the interview if possible.

Tip #2: Reiterate or Reference Something that was Discussed During Your Job Interview

Circle back to an interesting point you discussed with the interviewer during your meeting or use the thank you note as an opportunity to state why you would be the best person for the job. This will help jog the interviewer’s memory and put you at the front of their mind. The more your name shows up in front of a prospective employer, the better your chances are for employment.

Tip #3: Mail an Actual Paper Thank You Note

You may find the notion of a handwritten thank you note old fashioned. Truth is most of the prospects you are competing against for your dream job won’t bother to send anything. Take it one step further and purchase note cards with an attractive design on the cover. The person you were interviewed by just might keep the card around for a few days to brighten up their office.

A Warning About E-Mail Thank You Notes

While sending a thank you e-mail seems like a good idea, imagine if you’re the interviewer, opening up your e-mail box one morning and having to wade through numerous e-mails from prospective employees. Chances are good that your intended recipient may not even open your thank you e-mail and immediately delete it. E-mails can be deleted instantly, while a handwritten thank you note will capture more attention.

The fact that you took the time to write a personal thank you note will be an unexpected surprise for the person who interviewed you. When competition for jobs is fierce, use every tool, including a thank you note, to put you ahead of the pack.


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