Shaw Capital Management Headlines: Does Seal Team 6 Really Exist?

The day Osama bin Laden went down, is the day the whole world became acquainted with the legendary SEAL Team 6.

After taking down *the* most wanted terrorist in the earth, you’d think people will be interested who exactly did him. Surely it’s not some random US soldier. This top tier military group is so top secret its existence has been denied by the authorities, that is until they decided to announce to the world who’s responsible for Osama bin Laden’s epic death.

Their missions can be classified as something a plot of a Hollywood action flick would have. Lying covert in the jungle. Blasting explosives in the desert. Taking out terrorists underwater. Team 6 is like a legend to the public because of the mystery that surrounds it.

Too bad proud Americans can’t pay homage to the now famous Team 6 as they are not only told to keep their mouths shut, they are also prohibited from even showing their faces. Makes sense, of course, if they don’t want to be the next casualty. But as their team’s popularity rose, drawing more attention on them and their families, it’s just a matter of time that someone would blurt out their identities and ruin the whole purpose of their existence.

Some might have heard the story of how the elusive Team 6 was conceptualized. It was to prevent another disastrous rescue mission like the one that has happened in the 1980 Iran hostage taking. The result was an epic fail and they were so taken aback that it prompted them to create a small team which would operate in total secrecy, solely dedicated to counter terrorism. The quiet professionals, as they are referred to, are outside the usual chain of command and report directly to the president and the defense secretary.

SEAL, which stands for Sea, Air and Land formed a team consisting of a handful of individuals who qualified from the special rigorous training, making them more efficient as they can handle everything in every circumstance. It’s as if they are specifically trained to become the ultimate defense/offense machine. They are what we call the real All-Star team.

One thing’s for sure, we could all count on a movie about this very soon.

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