Is The Bbc's Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular Suitable For Young Children?

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After being bombarded on all sides with ear splitting wails as I was trying to enjoy the show, I am not sure that bringing younger children is advisable.

Length of the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular

The entire length of the show was ninety three minutes, including a twenty minute intermission. Time seems to fly by very quickly, so young children are less apt to get restless. The intermission is long enough that there is more than enough time for a restroom break so younger children should be ok in that department.

General Content of the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular

One of the great things about the show, in addition to the dinosaurs of course, is that the narrator gives some interesting information regarding the reign of the dinosaurs and how the earth changed with each new time period. Younger children may not be able to digest this and will probably get impatient to see the next dinosaur enter the arena.

Make no mistake, the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular delivers on the goods. There was silence when the first dinosaur was glimpsed and the children around me were so excited that they were bouncing around in their seats. These animated giants are awe inspiring and should captivate any age group.

Content of the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular that Might Scare Younger Children.

In the opening scene, a newly hatched baby dinosaur ends up dangling out of a carnivores’ mouth. During this, several children around me were very upset and a few were crying, wanting to know why the baby had gotten eaten.

There are a few scuffles between the various types of dinosaurs, complete with thundering sound effects but the violence is relatively low key. However, this may scare some of the younger children.

There is also a scene where the Utahraptors are snacking on a dinosaur carcass. Sensitive younger children may be upset at viewing this, although it is tastefully done with minimal blood being shown.

When deciding whether or not to take your younger children to the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular, use your own judgment. If your child is the type that gets nightmares easily, then it may be best not to take them this time around.

Explaining to your children that the dinosaurs aren’t going to jump off the stage and snatch them up can work wonders. You could also purchase a dinosaur book or coloring book a few days before the show, so they can see the giants on paper before experiencing them in real life.


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