How to Prepare For a Performance Review

Ask to See the Review Criteria Beforehand

Knowing what categories you are being evaluated on before walking into your performance review can help ease nervousness. For instance, an employee who is consistently on time and rarely calls in sick will know that if attendance/punctuality is one of the review categories, they will receive a high rating. Ask your HR representative for a copy of the review criteria a few days before your scheduled review so you have time to look over the information and ask any questions if necessary.

Print Out Any E-Mails That Praise Past Achievements

E-mails from clients and co-workers that reflect positive comments and praise are one of the easiest ways to showcase your value to the company. Make sure you print out any e-mails that are examples of this to take in with you during your review. Your boss or manager may be unaware of the positive feedback you have been receiving, so use your review as an opportunity for enlightenment.

Make a List of Three Major Accomplishments

If you have several accomplishments in writing before walking into your performance review, you are already ahead of the game. This list can bolster self-confidence and also provide you with some points to discuss with the reviewer. Often times, there may be a discrepancy between what your manager sees as an accomplishment versus what you feel qualifies as one. Also, make sure the accomplishments took place during the review period.

Make a List of Three Areas that Need Improvement

Knowing what you need to improve on before walking into your performance review can make it easier to take criticism from the reviewer. Also provide an action plan to go along with each improvement. Keep in mind that these items don’t necessarily have to be negative. One item could be to improve industry wide knowledge, with the action plan being to attend a local industry conference/meet and greet event. There is room for improvement/skill ability in every career.

Ask if the Review is Compensatory

Knowing the answer to this can help shape your expectations of the performance review beforehand and eliminate any disappointment if this is a non-monetary increase review. Keep in mind that non-compensatory reviews are still important and a part of your permanent employee record with the company, so take them seriously.

Preparing for your performance review can be an easy process if done so before the actual review takes place. Also, your boss will be impressed that you put so much thought into your meeting.

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