Sea Hunt: Target

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The third season of Sea Hunt included an episode entitled Target which aired in June 1960.  This particular show starts so nicely, like a peaceful lull.  I loved it.  Diving expert Mike Nelson, played by Lloyd Bridges, is diving with another man and then, boom, a big wave blasts against them.  So much for that serene ocean serenity.

Though the other diver is injured, that’s not the problem for this outing.  As it turns out, some mysterious object slammed into the ocean, causing that blast from the first scene.  Experts suspect that whatever the object was, it could be radioactive, and that leads to the problem that needs to be dealt with in the half hour show.

Keeping in mind when this show aired, the U.S. government believes that the object could be a missile or bomb from another nation.  The clock is therefore ticking before the President orders severe action, and that is what Nelson has to prevent.

One of the things I enjoy about this episode is that it’s not just Mike Nelson coming up with all the answers as is generally the case.  It’s him, Challoner, and Olsen all three having ideas that help at different points to solve the dilemma.  In this respect, it’s well done.

I found myself feeling sorry for the other diver who was hurt initially and then again by the Navy’s goof of tossing over compressed air cannisters before the divers were clear of the action.  There’s nothing like being the one to get hurt over and over again.

The guest stars, which include Robert Gist as Captain Olsen and Gordon Mills as Challoner along with Robert Millar, Dick Jefferies, and Nick Nicholson, did an okay job.  Nothing spectacular, but they performed well enough to add to the success of this episode.

On the whole, this episode was good drama with some appropriate intensity.  It kept the juices flowing, wondering whether or not Nelson would find the object and unearth any secrets that it held.  There was quite a bit of underwater action as the search unfolded, so a lot of the drama had to come simply from the anticipation.  They did that well, too.

Overall, good show.


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