Sea Hunt: Rebreather

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Sea Hunt: Rebreather, a season 3 episode, had our hero Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) taking on another one of his spy missions.  These tend to me by least favorite outings for this show that normally deals with underwater adventures and ocean life.  Those are the ones that excite me more than any others.

Rebreather aired in June 1960 and has Nelson on vacation in the Caribbean.  There’s nothing like a vacation to be a cover, or an excuse for Nelson to get involved in some secret endeavor.

One of the things I do like about Sea Hunt as I’ve watched the series for the first time all the way through is that it has educated me a lot on diving.  I’ve actually learned more from it than I have any other series, including more modern ones.  One of the ways I think they managed to do this is because some elements are repeated in multiple episodes.

For example, while this show as Rebreather as its title, the device has been discussed in other episodes, thus reinforcing what we’ve learned.  The reason I mention it is because that stuff has stayed with me.  I’ve truly learned from watching this entertainment series.

At any rate, a rebreather conceals a diver’s air bubbles when diving, making it a good tool for military operations.  It is vital to the story as it moves on.

The plot has Nelson recruited for the mission by Pete Rogers (Page Slattery).  It’s so secret, though, that Rogers won’t even tell Nelson the specifics, which frustrates Nelson big time.

The major guest star is Oscar Beregi Jr., who portrays Frederick Jorgeson.  He’s building a secret underwater fuel dock.

There is a lot of drama when Pete’s hose to the rebreather comes loose and he and Nelson have to share one hose.  There’s more danger when the absorbent material that keeps the CO2 levels safe fails and the two have to surface prematurely.

While I do enjoy the drama of the half hour, there were problems with it, including a couple of very dumb lines.  Watch and I’m sure you’ll notice them.  The ending was a little rushed and too pat with the dialog.

Still, this one was interesting and worth watching.


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