Sea Hunt: Lost Island

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Season 4, Episode 22 of Sea Hunt was called Lost Island, and it really wasn’t what I was expecting.  Going in, I had thought our resident hero, deep sea diving expert Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges), was going to find some undiscovered island and that would lead to the action.  Instead, while the story did take place on an island, it wasn’t really a new discovery.  I was ultimately disappointed in the plot, not that it wasn’t interesting on its own, but it’s like craving chocolate and being given sugarless gum.

Essentially the only real guest star was Roy Dean.  He played a fascinating character by the name of John Gerard, a self-described “escaped prisoner at large.”  I liked this character, but I’d never heard of Dean.  However, he had a rare billing on this show as “Roy Dean as John Gerard” so I guess he must have been a performer of some status back in 1961 when the episode aired.

The big plus of the show was watching Mike Nelson and John Gerard bonding by necessity.  Nelson is actually on one of his secret missions for the government when he stumbles upon some bad guys on the island, which includes a radar station that hadn’t been used for a long time.

At any rate, we have the escaped prisoner teaming up with Nelson.  It’s funny because I’m so used to this type of plot now.  There are about three ways the story could go, and I wasn’t sure which way it would happen here.  I have to say that I was happy with the outcome, although in actuality, I’m not sure it was realistic.  I won’t say more so as to not spoil for those who haven’t seen the show.

I liked the connection these two men made.  It wasn’t long before Nelson was calling his new friend “Johnny” and the prisoner was calling his comrade, “Michael.”  It was all too quick, but it worked.

The plot point of two diverse characters coming together for a common good isn’t unusual, but it does stir our emotions and that’s why this show works.  I may not know who Roy Dean is, but his performance was very good.

This episode is one of the better ones in the final season.


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