Sea Hunt: Baby

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This review is for the season 4, episode 23 episode of Sea Hunt, which was called simply enough, Baby.  The show begins with the usual narration given by Lloyd Bridges in his character of diving expert, Mike Nelson.  In this case, he talks about being in the Ecuador, in the unsafe jungles.  He’d just finished a job and was stopping by to visit a missionary couple.

Now the couple was played by Bridges’ oldest son in real life, Beau Bridges, and also by actress Denise Alexander, who had top billing, by the way.  In fact, she had big, bold letters that signified some sense of stardom.  I love to watch Alexander because I’ve met her a few times at events stemming from her lengthy appearance on General Hospital.  Oddly, I wasn’t all that impressed with her here, but I have a hunch that part of the problem was in the direction of the episode.

The young couple, named Warren and Caroline, are student missionaries, and they have a history with Mike Nelson.  When he gets there, he is introduced to their infant, Michael.  He’s also told that Michael is his godson.  That’s cool.  What’s funny is that in my opinion the baby actually looks like a Bridges.  It’s probably just a fluke, though, as I couldn’t find any indication that this baby was actually a relative.

At any rate, what was hard to believe was that as the baby became sick, Caroline was shown smiling and conversing in a calm tone, and with a crying baby nearby, that doesn’t work for me.  That’s why I think it was the direction of the show that was off kilter.

What I do like is that Mike finally has the personal touch to the story.  With no family, he’s always so distant, the closest thing being the occasional event that happens to a friend.

I also like the very ingenious method for transporting the baby to the hospital.  It’s a gutsy one that I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  It’s even thrilling and it’s something I’ve never seen.

So, I do like the drama.  I like watching Beau facing up to his dad in this episode.  It added to the fun, making the show very watchable.


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