Enjoy Coffee And Reduce Breast Cancer

Cancer is threatening the modern world in various guises. You need not be so panicky at the word cancer. Here is some good news to the coffee-drinkers — coffee can reduce breast cancer.

Breast cancer has a serious concern for women. According to a report from the National Cancer Institute, the disease took about 50,000 lives last year in the U.S. alone. There is much information in the media about breast cancer. Women rush to the clinics in panic to undergo mammography so that a malignancy can be spotted early, in spite of the fact that the actual radiation exposure associated with mammograms is known to raise the risk of breast cancer in some women (http://www.naturalnews.com/024901.html).

Good news to those who have breast cancer

Women with breast cancer can now let a sigh of relief. Researchers studying natural compounds in plants have found that many of them may offer some level of protection against breast cancer. New research from Lund University and Malmö University in Sweden has come out successfully with the result that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Women can now reduce the risk of cancer by just paying attention to their diet.

Coffee reduces the risk of cancer

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, found widespread all over the world, and can be characterized on the basis of estrogen receptor (ER) expression in the tumor cells. Researches have confirmed that some element in coffee reduces the risk of breast cancer. Study details published by BioMed Central’s open access journal Breast Cancer Research, based on the discoveries of the scientists from Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute, reveal that coffee can be a healthy boon to women. They state with solid evidence that something in coffee slashes the risk of breast cancer. Their studies have concluded that drinking coffee specifically reduces the risk of what researchers call anti-estrogen-resistant estrogen-receptor (ER) and controls the growth of breast cancer since these tumors depend on estrogen for their growth. Usually, older women develop this type of breast cancer which is normally treated with the anti-hormone therapy of tamoxifen.

Another research team from Sweden under the cancer researcher Helena Jernstrom has studied the coffee-drinking habits of nearly 460 breast cancer patients who were treated in Lund. It compared lifestyle factors and coffee consumption between women with breast cancer and women of the same age group that did not have any breast malignancies. It came out with a result that coffee drinkers had a far lower incidence of breast cancer overall than women who rarely drank coffee.

Scientists, having looked at various factors that affect breast cancer such as age at menopause, exercise, weight, education, and a family history of breast cancer, could positively confirm the impact of coffee on reducing breast cancer. Although the researches have positive evidences which reveal that coffee has beneficial effects in protecting women from ER-negative breast cancer, it is not yet clear about the mechanism and compounds involved that are responsible for this benefit. The coffee bean or the method of preparation may be the agents for this positive effect.

It has been proved that caffeine contained in coffee hampers the growth of cancer cells. Further studies may be able to find out if substances in coffee can be utilized as formidable weapons to both prevent various types of breast cancer and even halt cancerous growth of malignant cells.

Enjoy this summer with three cups of coffee daily

Relax and enjoy this summer with three cups of coffee daily. Coffee can boost your energy and relieve you from stress. Enjoy this summer with coffee and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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