How to Act Without Acting?

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Master of yoga is not required to possess a phenomenal ability. The main objective of the master of yoga is the ability to explain to his disciples, and the cook to achieve that. What he does himself, and then go ahead. The wizard must know and possess an excellent subject and methods of technology transfer to others. Taking care of their own results depart from the true teacher in the background.

A man comes to practice yoga primarily to address health problems. Master of yoga helps people who came to him regains health. This problem can be solved through personal demonstration of techniques and methods of yoga. Craftsman will find the right words and the individual approach to every student. Unfortunately, not every champion can become a coach due to the peculiarities of their character. As a rule, the champions – individualists, and they do not have enough patience to teach others. However, there is an opposite trend. Coaches, who are not themselves the champions, are often able to grow a whole galaxy of disciple’s champions.

If the student is able to surpass his teacher, the teacher of such honor and praise, especially when we talk about this difficult subject, like yoga. But nowadays you can often find schools of yoga, headed by a coach with a phenomenal ability. However, not all of these masters can explain to and teach others how to achieve similar results. Explanation here is simple – the basis for their phenomenal abilities is physiological data and nothing more. Pass on their skills they can only pupils with similar physiological data. As a result, instead of the yoga schools receive a digital school.

Away from everyday life for the sake of yoga for the average person is often completely incomprehensible and unacceptable. But for the yoga master is irrefutable axiom, which he tries to convey to their students. To submit students his knowledge and skill, a true professional dedicated to favorite business all his life.

Yoga master must have a specific force, but not physical strength, as you think. This is a harmonic force, in which the fortress of the body merges with the strength of spirit. Otherwise, we have physically developed athlete, sometimes dangerous to others because of its low morals. Yoga master knows about the power he wields and continually monitors its manifestation in yoga and in everyday life.

Adults do not need to change their lives by someone from the outside. The task of the wizard is to provide technology and training of students of yoga. Change in life after a systematic study will surely come, but in a natural way, without the influence from the outside.

A true master of yoga goes through three important stages of cultivation. First he is studying methods of self-healing body and mind. In the second it appears that very strength and ends with the regeneration process. The third stage is characterized by the possession and control of power to further the infinite expansion of consciousness.

With the increase, the power can greatly complicate the lives of the master, and not just him. All the people who by fate communicate with the master have not itself in greater or lesser extent its influence. Master of yoga, unlike magicians, should understand that the possession of such power cannot but affect the lives of people around. On his life impact forces will affect in the first place. Master gains mirroring status when he very clearly distinguishes everything happening around him and with himself. Mirror not care who is the front, the master himself or people around him. It all relates, as well as to him. On this basis, and know the true masters of yoga.


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