The Judgement Day!

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    I must confessed that I haven’t read the Holy Scriptures for quite a while, due to some reasons.
However, during my young age, I would always spend ample time reading the bible and prayed so
hard that God would guide me to comprehend every word from the bible and instill them my mind and
heart so I’d be able to stand against the deceptions of the devil and also become strong to overcome the insurmountable trials I may encounter in my everyday living. As the bible says,”Only those who are well-grounded with the truth can stand against the wiles of the devil
in the last days.” I am quite convinced and believe that we are now living in the perilous time and the end is nigh at hand. The manifestations of the signs of the times are everywhere happening as predicted by the Holy men during biblical times. The visions given to them were and are now all fast fulfilling.

    Recently, I came accross some articles saying the doomsday is happening on a specific date this month and a lot of people are seemingly scared. Is it possibly true? If you are a Christian, who
believes in genuinity of the bible and do not believe anything word apart from it, then you certainly would know that it is contrary to what the bible says. Jesus Christ, said,”I will come quickly like a thief.” That means nobody would exactly know as exact time, Jesus Christ, descends for the final judgement. By that time, innumerable people will be caught off-guard. They couldn’t stand the Glorious appearing of God, which the bible clearly mentioned that everyone can witness. They will run away and pray for the rocks to fall on them. They are those people who are ungodly, selfish, greedy, proud, materialistic, full of evil and never listened to God’s prompting. They were given many many chances to repent and change their ways, but they
never did. So let’s be vigilant and spend time seeking the Lord, while He may be found. Call Him while He is still near. Judgement will not only happen during the actual appearing, but it may
also happen during once death. If you die unrepentant and disobedient, then that’s it!

    For those who are faithful, there is nothing to fear if doomsday comes. That’s the day of Jubilee and it is just the beginning of eternal life that God, promised to those who will obey Him. The New Earth with all it’s beauty awaits for those who truly serve and love God.


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