Analyzing: I Like You, I Don’t Like You; I Want You, I Don’t Want You

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Whether you are a guy or a girl when it comes to relationships we are all susceptible to indecision and hesitation. Why do we hesitate, or perhaps we are just playing games? You think you like somebody today, but tomorrow you decide you will not talk to the person again, then the person does something nice and once again you change your mind and give the person a chance only to discover the following day that you don’t really like the person. What is going on?

You met somebody, a real nice person. It was not exactly the love at first sight, you were not hot for the person, you didn’t wonder how the person looks without their clothes on, but you figured you could be good friends- you unwittingly began to lead somebody on (please, if you need friends make sure you find them among your own sex). To add to the trouble, you really think that the person is not clever or stimulating enough for your company, still they are nice and you continue the friendship. Slowly the friendship begins to turn into something romantic, but your feelings towards the person haven’t changed. You begin to think that you need to end this “friendship”, you are not interested in this person in romantic way, but the person keeps doing these sweet things plunging you helplessly into confusion. You are “bribed” by the niceness, and you let it happen. The person is a good person and doesn’t deserve what is coming, you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but you feel trapped. And why shouldn’t you continue the relationship? Do you have anything better lined up? After all, it is better than nothing, and companionship is a wonderful thing! The next thing you hear is the wedding bells, and cries of the newly born baby. This is how you end up in a relationship with a person you don’t really love, don’t find sexy or clever enough. Still it may turn out to be a good relationship, but the odds are against you.

How can you protect yourself from misery? Don’t rush, think before you do anything. Make friends among your own sex. Find love and romance with the opposite sex. Pursue relationship and romance with people who you are really into, whose company gives you pleasure, who you can’t wait to see again. Pursue relationship with clever people who work, who respect others, who don’t use drugs, or have problems with law enforcement. Don’t settle for less. If you wait, if you give it a chance you will get it all.

Don’t tie yourself sexually and emotionally to a person who you don’t really like. True, it may temporary relieve your boredom and need, but in the long run the price you pay is your happiness. If you settle for less in hope that one day when you find that special person you can just “switch over”, you only limit your options, and make it harder, even impossible for you to find what you are looking for. Be very selective, allow yourself to be happy!


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