Paying For Your Medically Supervised Atlanta Weight Loss Program

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If you are considering the medically supervised Atlanta weight loss program, you may be concerned about the costs. However, when you think about the expenses associated with obesity (including medications, doctor’s visits and missed days of work due to associated health issues), a medically supervised weight loss program is a wise long-term investment. It’s even possible that your health insurance will pay for, or reimburse you for, many of the program costs.

If you’d like your health insurance to help you pay for the medically supervised Atlanta weight loss program, the first step is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician and discuss your plan. Your doctor may be able to “prescribe” the Atlanta weight loss program or write a referral to a suitable program. Retain this prescription or referral for your records.

Your next step is to look through your health insurance plan documentation or call your insurance provider and ask about coverage. Calling the customer service number on the back of your health insurance card may be the easiest way to proceed. Make sure the representative understands that the program you plan to enroll in is a “medical weight loss program” prescribed by your primary care physician.

Once you’ve enrolled in your chosen medically supervised weight loss program, ask for a “medical receipt” and documentation of every visit. While your insurance plan may eventually reimburse you for the costs of the program, it is possible that you will need to pay in full at your initial visit. Many medically supervised weight loss clinics are “fee-for-service” facilities. Save your receipts, as you’ll need to submit copies to your insurance provider when you file your claim.

Even if your health insurance provider refuses to pay for your program fees, most will pay for at least a portion (if not all) of the costs of the laboratory tests that are part of the medically supervised Atlanta weight loss program. If they will not pay, or you do not have health insurance, you can generally expect to pay around $50 for lab tests including a complete metabolic profile, lipid and cholesterol measurements, blood count, thyroid profile and urinalysis.

The total costs of your medically supervised Atlanta weight loss program will depend, of course, upon the facility and program you select. You should expect an initial visit fee and per-visit fees. Weekly weigh-ins are generally free. Unlike commercial weight loss programs, you will most likely not have to sign a contract, pay a registration fee, or pay any penalties if you have to stop the program.

If you are unable to obtain reimbursement from your health insurance plan for your medically supervised weight loss program, you can still claim the expense as a medical deduction on your federal income tax. Save your prescription, referral, receipts and documentation and consult with your tax adviser.


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