How to Snorkel With Glasses

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The following types of masks will help you determine how to snorkel with glasses:

Regular masks – A person with glasses should avoid wearing this kind of snorkelling mask. This type of mask seals off the part around the person’s face. It seals off water and making it unable to penetrate the nose and the eyes serving. The mask serves as a window to the underwater world. A person with glasses should not wear this kind of mask as water would penetrate inside as the glasses reaches off to the back of the ear, breaking the sealed part off the mask itself.

Prescription masks – A prescription mask can be worn by a person who has glasses. This type of mask comes with a prescription lenses available for those with eye problems but are quite expensive. Investing in this type of mask should be done by a person with glasses if he or she is an avid diver. This type of mask does not correct astigmatism and you can contact your eye doctor for the prescription of the lens intended for you. Your prescription should be altered since this type of mask is worn farther from your eyes to the window of the mask itself making it a bit different from wearing your normal eyewear. Visit a doctor specializing in sports eyewear to get your needed prescription lenses although some pre-made versions are available in diving shops and stores.

Fitting Lenses to a Regular Mask – Prescription lenses can also be fitted to regular masks which are cheaper in price. There are some regular masks with holes for the eye area that would allow placement of these lenses. The lenses are then fixed to the holes and can be changed as a person ages. These lenses can clear the vision of the person who wishes to snorkel without having to worry on how to keep his or her glasses in place. It is readily available in your local eye-specialists’ sportswear store and masks can be purchased in diving stores and shops.

Contact Lenses – Some divers prefer swimming with contact lenses. Although this is not advisable since you can lose off your contact lenses the moment your mask is taken off underwater. Contacts worn while doing an underwater dive can get penetrated with water and can further cause eye irritation.

Snorkelling is a great activity for those people who enjoy swimming. Glasses should never be a hindrance in having fun while diving under water. Learning how to snorkel with glasses is the most effective way for you to do to continuously enjoy this activity. There are a lot of ways to snorkel with glasses. Snorkelling masks are readily available to suit your eye need making you dive without having to worry about not seeing clearly underwater.


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