In Home Pet Euthanasia A Dignified Way to Help Your Four Legged Friend Cross Over

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In home pet euthanasia is a dignified and viable option for your pet that reduces the physical stress associated with a trip to the veterinarian as well as the mental stress that results from losing a furry family member.

Reasons to Consider In Home Pet Euthanasia

Many pet owners choose in home pet euthanasia because their pets are in so much pain that they don’t want to put unnecessary stress on them. They would rather have their pet pass away quietly while laying on its favorite pillow or bed surrounded by the comforting smells of home.

Privacy is also a consideration for some pet owners. After their pet passes, they can mourn in private without worrying about facing a waiting room full of strangers or trying to drive home as they wipe away their tears.

Finding an In Home Pet Euthanasia Veterinarian

The first resource a pet owner should utilize when considering in home pet euthanasia is their regular veterinarian. Some veterinary clinics don’t offer this service, but most clinics will at least be able to give you a recommendation for a veterinarian who will perform the procedure.

When you call to make the appointment, be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding your pet’s health. You may also be asked to obtain a copy of your pet’s medical history from your regular veterinarian if you are making an appointment with a different practitioner. The process of in home pet euthanasia will be discussed during this time as well as your wishes regarding the care of your pet’s body after they pass.

Financial details will also be discussed, keep in mind that the cost for in home pet euthanasia can be more expensive than a regular office euthanasia visit. The actual dollar figure will vary depending on the practitioner. If this is a consideration you may want to call a few in home pet euthanasia providers to find one that meets your budget.

In home pet euthanasia can help ease the transition for both pet owners and pets when they must part ways. Whatever option you choose, remember that the kindest thing you can do for your pet is to end its suffering and pain.


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