Sex And The City Trivia: How Well Do You Know The Show?

The show also did a huge part in bringing sex out of the closet so to speak, by normalizing subjects that were previously thought to be taboo. I can’t help but ask, how well do you know the Sex and the City series? Grab a piece of paper and get ready to test your SATC IQ.

Section 1: Famous Quotes

The regular stars of Sex and the City normally take turns saying something profound and resonating over the course of every episode. However, do you know the characters well enough to be able to guess who said what?

1. “It’s not a rebound when the other person’s dead.”

2. “Married people are the enemy.”

3. “Marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. Just an ending.”

4. “Maybe you can’t change a man, but once in a blue moon, you can change a woman.”

Section 2: Episode Vs. Season Placement:

With six wonderful seasons to watch, it can sometimes be confusing to keep up with the episode timeline of events in Sex and the City. Below are six episode plot points. Can you correctly identify which season they correspond to?

1. Although her friends do their best to hide the newspaper during brunch, Carrie finds out that Natasha and Big have gotten married. Single women everywhere were willing to put on boxing gloves to take Natasha down after viewing this episode.

2. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha attend a baby shower for Laney. This episode gave us an early look at how each of them viewed the idea of having children.

3. Trey buys Charlotte a cut-out of a cardboard baby as a joke. At this point it became blatantly apparent that Charlotte and Trey were not compatible (although most of us knew this after we found out that they didn’t have sex on their honeymoon).

4. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha fly to Atlantic City to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday. Overall, this trip was a disaster, but we got to see some of the insecurities the characters were currently facing.

5. Samantha becomes involved with a man who is actually too big to handle in bed. We never thought that such a thing could happen to her!

6. Miranda makes cupcakes for Steve’s new girlfriend, Debbie. Kudos to her for following through even though she agreed to do it for Steve before she realized who they were really for!

Section 3: Did they or didn’t they?

It’s hard to keep track of all the guys that went in and out of our favorite characters lives in one season, let alone over the course of the entire run of Sex and the City. Test your knowledge as to whether or not Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha did the deed with the following men.

1. Samantha & The Turtle

2. Charlotte & Trey’s Gardener

3. Carrie & Derek (The Underwear Model)

4. Miranda & The Divorced Dad

Section 4: The Actresses Before SATC:

Sex and the City became such a hit that it’s easy to forget about projects that all four actresses were involved in before the show’s inception. Below are four movies and/or TV shows. Do you know which actress did what before SATC?

1. This actress got to display her inner witch in “Hocus Pocus”.

2. This actress got to wear a wig in “Amadeus”.

3. This actress must have gotten tired of standing still in the movie “Mannequin”.

4. This actress certainly stirred things up on “Melrose Place”.

Section 5: Short Answer:

Think you have an eye and memory for detail? Can you correctly fill in the blank for the following questions taken from Sex and the City?

1. Berger broke up with Carrie on a _______ _______.

2. Miranda ends up contracting _______ from an ex-boyfriend who has an anger problem.

3. _______ _______ saves Samantha from social disgrace when some vengeful wives vow to ruin her.

4. Steve worked as a _______.

5. Charlotte’s King Charles Spaniel was named _______ _______.

6. Big’s real first name was _______.


Section 1: 1.) Charlotte 2.) Miranda 3.) Samantha 4.) Carrie

Section 2: 1.) Season 3 2.) Season 1 3.) Season 4 4.) Season 5 5.) Season 2 6.) Season 6

Section 3: 1.) Yes 2.) No 3.) No 4.) Yes

Section 4: 1.) Sarah Jessica Parker 2.) Cynthia Nixon 3.) Kim Cattrall 4.) Kristin Davis

Section 5: 1.) Post-It Note 2.) Chlamydia 3.) Leonardo DiCaprio 4.) bartender 5.) Elizabeth Taylor 6.) John

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