Top 6 Psp Features Besides Playing Games

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Everyone know that PSP mainly develop for playing games but is anyone know that besides games what else other hidden feature that PSP capable of? 
PSP’s extra feature are very useful and come on handy if you able to has them all in your single PSP console. Plus each new system update adds new 
feature to play with, you have to know how to get those feature turn on and make use of it.

Below are the top 6 PSP’s side feature that are cool and enjoyable when you have it turned on. Let us go through those features together:

1. Audio and Music Display

PSP has the capability to play video as well as audio track files. You can download your music with full albums or single song to your PSP using a USB cable, a memory stick or a PC connect via it. Yeah, you may think of already got an MP3 or ipod player but instead of having separate machine for playing games and music, you actually can combine both of the entertainment in one single tool.You also able to play games while in the same time playing your favour music or MP3 files.

If your are music lover and gamers in the same times, sure you wish to have them 2 in the box.Just copy your own CD collection or download from existing database of music that already available online. Recommended Feed My PSP that well know for their massive files database with updated games,music, application, TV show, movie and cool wallpapers.

2. Watching DVD and Your Favorites Movie

You able to watch your favorites movie at your near by park or mall via your PSP’s portable movie player. You either can buy movie on UMD format or transfer your own DVD movie onto memory stick. Yeah, you may ask why need to view movie using PSP’s small screen? The PSP’s screen might seem too small for watching movie, but it’s actually has super sharp resolution and the audio is great with headphones.

Full DVD quality movie, video clips and various music video available in online download database or copy your own DVD collection (need software in order to convert to PSP compatible format).All you need is a PSP USB cable or compatible memory stick reader to transfer them to your beloved PSP and turn your PSP to multimedia power house.

3. Picture Viewing

You can listen to music and watching movie via PSP, then viewing picture sure is not a problem using PSP. You can download photos(only PSP compatible format) with a memory card and transfer using USB cable connected to your PC. There are basic photo edit function like zoom,rotate,next photo, previous photo and slide show available while viewing photo via PSP.It is an easy way to show your relatives your latest digital snapshots, without a computer.

4. Internet Browser

Internet browser was added to the PSP’s features with firmware update version 2.0. The “keyboard” might take a while to get used to, but if you’ve ever sent a text message on your cell phone, you should not have any difficulty. You might not want to bother with web surfing at home on your PSP, especially if you have a desktop or laptop computer handy, but if you’re out of the house, you can access any open wireless points. Why lug around a laptop when all you need is your PSP?For more video guide detail on how to transform your PSP to internet browser, welcome to visit PSP Video Guide.

5. Capture Photo 

Yes, you actually can capture photo using your PSP just like normal camera phone. All you need to do it, install an external camera and attached on the top side on the PSP. The external camera cost about $65 -$70 that you can easily get it on The quality of the picture mainly depend on the camera resolution itself. So, if you need more clear and quality picture, you need more high resolution camera to attached on the PSP.

6. PSP Phone – Make Call Using PSP

That is right, a modder has managed to create a custom phone chip for the PSP, which amazingly enough, is able to receive incoming calls, and display the current signal strength.

Though currently unable to make outgoing calls, PSPhone is also capable of communicating over both CDMA & GSM cellular networks. 

The pack will contain:
X1 antenna
X1 board
headsets with microphone
X2 wires
X1 32 mega memory stick

The antenna to connect to the local network. On the board will be a switch to switch between CDMA network (without sim card) and the GSM network (with the sim card). The wires are to connect the board and the antenna to the PSP. All will cost approximately more or less than $60.

N00bz site release our own PSP Phone software – and here it is, codenamed “Furikup” (it’s a geeky protocol-based joke, don’t worry about it).  Here are some of Furikup’s best features:

  1. It’s free software – in both the beer, and speech senses.

  2. You can use it anywhere in the world, subject to signing-up to a suitable local SIP-based voice-over-IP provider and being near a usable wifi access point.  In many countries, you can find those for free or nearly-free – e.g. with SIPGate, in the UK, you can call to your PSP from any standard phone (landline or cellphone) for just the standard local call cost, and from PSP to another SIP phone (another PSP or a PC) for free.

  3. It runs on both slim and fat PSPs.  

  4. It uses open standards, for maximum compatibility with other phone systems.

  5. You can use a Go!Cam (Chotto Shot), Talkman microphone, or SOCOM-style headset for audio input.  (And even if you don’t have any of those, you can still send audio from a WAV file in a pinch).

It’s still pretty much beta software – the audio quality needs some work (but it is usable), the UI isn’t very pretty, and video calls aren’t working (yet!).  But it works, and it’s a nice demo of what is possible.


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