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If you are internet marketer who need to make decent money online, promote your online product and earn money by affiliate marketing, you definitely familiar the article marketing. You will get paid and promote your product by submit articles online, blogging, creating your own ebook and writing freelance articles. SEO skill implemented in articles marketing strategy, can increase targeted traffic flow into your websites and make money by selling affiliate products. Here share with you top revenue sharing article submit directory, tip to write articles online faster and how to increase online articles traffic effectively.

Tips To Write Articles Online Less Than 10 Minutes!

To gain more money through write articles online, you not only require submit quality content but quantity as well. You definitely not gonna earn $200 – $300 per month with only submit 2 -3 articles along the year. Success article writer able to produce 4 -5 quality articles per days, 1800 articles per year. Assume that spent one year writing and have 1800 articles & one articles earn you $0.10 per days which mean you can earn $180 per days. This how the calculation work. See how to build up a strong and powerful articles marketing strategy with SEO (search engine optimization) idea. 

So how you can generate great articles which emphasize quality and quantity in the same time. Here will show you tips on how you can write articles online fast with less than 10 minutes.

1. Fast Typis – Thousand Words In Minute?

When speaking of fast, time is the limiter. You need to have a fast typing skill to put all idea that strike your mind into the articles dashboard within second. If you still using two finger on your keyboard then you can’t achieve to complete one articles within targeted 10 minutes.Make sure you use total eight of your finger into the keyboard and move fast.

2. Research..Many of Research Before Start To Write

Don’t blindly start writing articles where you don’t even know what are the content. Before start to drafting your articles, is good that you do research online or gather information through other reading material such as book, google online, or even note from friend. Once you lock your topic that you plan to write, start to find and bookmark your sources to find high-quality information regarding your topic.

3. Plan out Your Work. Article Structure.

You need to plan what will your writing structure and what the content in your articles prior begin start to write online. If you not doing any planning ahead, you will run out of idea in the mid way of writing then you not able to complete full articles within targeted time lines.

You also need to plan how many paragraph that need to include in the article’s content such as 5 paragraph overall with one paragraph as content introduction, split a paragraph into two or three smaller paragraphs as main point and last paragraph as summaries and conclusion.

4. Know What You Write. Like What You Write

Know you topic well. Start to write topic which you familiar with instead of trying new rare topic which you need to spent time to do research and gather information. This way you can reduce research time considerably and provide quality articles content in the short period of times.

Secret Of Creating Thousand Of Unique (none Duplicated) Articles Fast!

Article writing in itself is hard enough, imagine doing a particular piece over and over again. Not only does it require a tremendous effort on your part, it can also cost you time and money. You need an effective article rewriter software that would cut down the cost and time spent on writing dozens of articles, recommended Magic Article Rewriter.

The Magic Article Rewriter is a great tool for your article marketing campaigns . Not only does it help you spin different versions of quality articles, it can also help you get those articles listed in high ranking article directories.

With article Rewriter, you can:

  • Increase web traffic – With article marketing, visitors can constantly come to your website.
  • Achieve massive publicity

  • Build your list of targeted prospects that want to hear from you right now
  • Boost your reputation, credibility, and name recognition

  • Gain link popularity & Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.
  • Create affiliate relationships and JV partnerships with highly influential web publishers.


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