How to Talk to Anyone

Be joyful (always) and friendly. Smile slowly when you first meet someone. This means when you first meet someone, look at their face (especially their eyes), pause for a second, and see deep into their soul/persona before you smile. The delay tells people that your smile is genuine and only reserved for them. Smiling too quickly and you will be caught as a faker. Remember to keep good eye contact when first meeting someone because it’ll show you’re intelligent, trustworthy, secure, confident, etc. That means don’t look away or blink (especially to the opposite gender) or they’ll think you’re nervous, insecure, suspicious, etc. Do not stare though (especially to the same sex) because they’ll think you’re threatening, disrespectful, sorcery, etc.

Give people the feeling of being special & unique. This is done by treating them like they’re somebody, like a good friend. Close your eyes when you first meet them and picture them as a wonderful old friend for many years that you lost track of. This will help put your mindset toward the right direction and ensure the warmth feelings between you and the person you’re meeting. Show that you like them as a person, and not because they’re hot, sexy, famous, rich, or anything like that.

Make them feel comfortable. In order to do this you must be comfortable with yourself first then be open with them (meaning you are fun, funny, confident, creative, etc.) and they’ll be open with you. Body language and the voice tone are extremely important, so make sure you present that your body language and voice tone very comfortably.

Believe and act as though they like you. This will help you to be confident in yourself and able to express yourself without holding back. When you believe and act as though they like you, you’ll be able to be fun, cool, intelligent, and genuine around them, which will cause them to actually like you. Thus, this is a self fulfilling prophecy due to the law of attraction.

Show that you respect them. This is done by not criticizing them, not laughing at them, not being rude, not looking down on them (especially of their beliefs), and many more. Treat them as though they’re your equal or higher if they’re your elders. Be careful with your words. Do not interrupt when they’re talking. Do not talk about something against their beliefs. Do not act like you’re stealing their friends or family members or belongings from them. Be courteous and have manners.

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