How to Be a Great Leader

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Know the purpose or mission. If you’re running a business, know the purpose of that business. If you’re trying to lead a strike, know the purpose of the strike. If you’re just living your life, know the purpose of your life and people will soon follow you. Whatever it is you do, you must know your purpose or the mission in order to lead.

Be willing to do any work first that you want your followers to do. If you aren’t willing to do something dirty, then do not make your followers do it. Instead, always do the work first to show that you’re willing to do it and then ask your followers to do it.

Follow all the rules all the time that you expect your followers to follow. This is extremely important. If you make yourself an exception to any rules, your followers will be pissed at you and betray you. So make sure to abide by all the rules or laws to be a good role-model for your followers to follow. Once again, remember not to break a single rule or law even once.

Take all the responsibility for yourself and your followers. This means if someone on your team messes up on something and you’re the leader, you have to take responsibility for it and not blame on that person. You should have warned that person or taught them beforehand. And of course if you mess up on something, do not blame it on anyone but take responsibility for it yourself. Thus, if you or your followers do something wrong, you are the one to fix it, clean it up, and apologize for it.

Treat everyone rightfully. This means to treat them (your followers) with fairness, respect, and no less than any other member. If someone contributes something to the team, then give them all the credit for it. Reward the good followers and punish the bad followers after giving them a warning first of course.

Be able to command the authority of the followers. This means you must be very confident, speak loudly, and believe in yourself all the way. If you cannot lead your followers, then you cannot be a leader. So do not ever whine, back down or act weak.


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