The Birth of My Third Baby

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Announcing the safe, but long awaited, arrival of Alfie James, born on 8th May 2011.  Son to Liz and Tony and a special baby brother for Phoebe and Nathan.

Friday 6th May 2011

At five days overdue I have an appointment with my midwife for a cervical sweep to try to get my labour started.  The midwife tells me that I am already 3cm dilated and that my cervix is soft and favourable for labour.  This was uncomfortable but not too painful.  I instantly had a show (where the bloody mucus comes away from the cervix) so I am hopeful that things will finally happen soon. 

Noon, Saturday 7th May 2011

I am still losing mucus and small amounts of blood and having some general aches and pains, but no signs of anything definite happening.  Decide to go for lunch with my Mum, son and a family friend and do a spot of last minute baby shopping.  Blackpool football club are playing this afternoon so my partner has gone to meet some friends fort a drink and says that he will probably sleep at his mates house.  I remind him to leave his mobile on in case I need him later.

11pm, Saturday 7th May 2011

I was just sat watching the television at my Mum’s house (where I’ve been staying whilst having a new bathroom fitted) when I suddenly felt myself go damp between the legs.  In my previous two pregnancies I had to have my waters broken, so I’m not sure if they have gone on their own or not, but as soon as I stand up I feel a proper gush.  I try to ring my partner and his phone is off, so I text him to tell him that my waters have broken.  I ring the hospital to ask advice over what to do as I am not yet having contractions and they tell me to come in straight away.  My mum wakes my children and we take them to a friend’s house as arranged.  My friend’s husband looks after the children and my friend comes along with us to the hospital as she has been desperate to see a baby being born. 

1am, Sunday 8th May 2011

The contractions started on the way to the hospital but are bearable and about six minutes apart.  On arrival at the hospital I am examined and found to only be one and a half centimetres dilated but it is confirmed that my water have definitely gone.  As my last labour was only four and a half hours long and we live half an hour away from the hospital, the midwife decides to admit me to the ward and allows my mum and friend to stay with me.  She suggests a relaxing bath so we all head off to the bathroom. 

2am Sunday 8th May 2011

Although I am still having contractions I don’t feel anywhere near ready to give birth so I ask if I can go home.  They allow this but give me plastic thermometers to take my temperature as my waters have broken and there is a risk of infection.  We call at a Tesco Express on the way home to get a coffee.

8am Sunday 8th May 2011

I have now been having contractions every two minutes that are one minute long for over two hours.  I am in horrendous pain in my back, hips and bottom but something is telling me that I am nowhere near ready to give birth.  My birthing partners are getting very panicky that my contractions are so close and that they will end up delivering me at home.  Just as they are encouraging me to return to go back to the hospital, my contractions slow to every four minutes, so we decide to wait a little longer.

11am Sunday 8th May 2011

The contractions returned to every two minutes at about half nine and the hospital have recommend that I go back in.  On arrival they examine me and find that I am still only four centimetres.  The midwife gives me a cervical sweep (which is horrifically painful) and I am given two parecetamol (like putting a sticking plaster/ band aid on a broken leg) and asked if I want to stay in delivery suite or go home.  I decide to go home as I feel more comfortable to move around there. 

4pm Sunday 8th May 2011

Decided that I couldn’t take the pain any more at home and I am exhausted after being awake all night.  I have also now been having contractions every two minutes for over eight hours.  The hospital advises me to return.  On arrival, I am devastated to find that I am still only four centimetres dilated.  On examination they find that the baby is in the wrong position- back to back- and this is the reason for the length of my labour and the amount of pain that I am experiencing in my back.  I am given an additional sweep and told to sit on a birthing ball to help get my baby into the right position.  I almost instantly lose more waters.  Being on the ball is frightening as I am so tired that I feel as though I will fall off.  I have asked for two parecetomol and to start using the gas and air (entenox) but this has yet to happen.

6pm Sunday 8th May 2011

I have just been allocated a midwife and she has suggested lying on my side to help turn the baby into the right position.  I have finally received the gas and air and this has really helped to calm me down, although I feel as though I have had one too many vodkas!  She also suggests that I might like to use the birthing pool.  I hadn’t really considered this before and I am initially reluctant, but decide to give it a go.

7pm Sunday 8th May 2011

The birthing pool is amazing as I can sit in any position that I like.  My partner has finally arrived at the hospital which has prompted me to cry.  My Mum and friend have been amazing birthing partners, but I didn’t want baby’s Daddy to miss his birth as it is his first child. 

8.15pm Sunday 8th May 2011

I hear the midwife say that her shift ends at half past eight and I panic.  I start hallucinating that I am giving birth to a reindeer and start to feel a lot of pressure between my legs.  I think that the worry of the midwife leaving me inspires me to start pushing.

8.25pm Sunday 8th May 2011

After only four pushes, my gorgeous son is finally born in the birthing pool.  The cord is wrapped around his neck and one of his legs, but this is quickly dealt with by the midwife.  His face is all screwed up but he is absolutely beautiful and it is love at first sight.  As soon as he is delivered I am told to climb out of the birthing pool.  I felt nervous to do this, despite the support of two midwives as the baby is still attached to my by the umbilical cord and the surface is wet and slippery.  I climb on the bed and am given gas and air so that I can deliver the placenta which is done really quickly.  I am also examined and found to need four stitches and I have a large graze.  My baby is taken to the scales and is found to weigh exactly 8 pounds (3.65 kilograms).  After my stitches have been administered, I breastfeed my baby for the first time, shower and dress.

11.45pm Sunday 8th May 2011

The midwife brings me my discharge papers and I am allowed to bring my baby home.  I am really excited that he will be able to meet his brother and sister, Nathan and Phoebe, before they go to school in the morning. 

Welcome home Alfie James.  Love from Mummy xxx


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